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AT&T DSL Service

AT&T is one of the largest Internet service providers with several great DSL packages. Their 4 packages offer speeds from 768 Kbps to 6 Mbps with prices starting at just $19.95/month.

Verizon DSL Service

Verizon has the largest service area of all the DSL Internet providers. In addition, they offer some slightly faster connections ranging from 768 Kbps to 7 Mbps with prices starting at just $29.99/month.

DSL Internet Service Deals from AT&T

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  • DSL Internet Service Deals Starting at Only $19.95/month
  • Internet Speeds up to 6 Mbps
  • This is Always on and Ready for You
  • Additional Discounts are Availabe for Bundling Phone & TV
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10 Reasons You Might Want to Choose AT&T DSL | High Speed Internet

With hundreds of DSL Internet providers available both locally and nationwide, deciding which company to choose as your provider can be a daunting task. A little investigation into the options and pricing each company has to offer will take a little time, but will be well worth your efforts when you realize that you have chosen just the service you need. The following is a list of 10 reasons you might want to choose AT&T DSL for your Internet services.

  1. AT&T is the nation’s largest broadband provider for both wired and wireless computer systems. They have been trusted for generations to provide quality products and services. This means that the technology, and knowledge behind it, allows you to get the most out of your Internet service.
  2. AT&T’s DSL service is a broadband service. This means you will have Internet access speeds both at home and away. You can take your computer anywhere for work or entertainment activities. This gives you access to all the Wi-Fi hotspots available, and there are thousands nationwide.
  3. DSL Internet with AT&T can be added to an already existing telephone service so you can “talk and surf” at the same time with no loss of sound clarity or breaks in audio or video streaming.
  4. Another option with AT&T is to get DSL Internet without already having a traditional local phone service. This option gives you choice and flexibility with phone service while at the same time you are able to enjoy AT&T’s super high-speed Internet features.
  5. Plan prices are available to fit every budget.  Depending on your technological and communication needs, you will find plan prices that begin with a low $14.95 per month.
  6. Bundling services offered by AT&T include adding Internet service, home phone service, digital TV and wireless services. You are able to add any or all of the service into a “bundle” at a monthly cost that will fit your budget.
  7. The “extras” that come with AT&T DSL plans are beneficial. They offer unlimited storage of email with their Mail Plus plan and 10 additional email accounts and POP access so you have many choices when it comes to email
  8. They offer AT&T Messenger service that gives a high-quality video for an enjoyable watching experience, as well as, Enhanced Voice Communication for keeping call logs and voice mail, two new, innovative features.
  9. Having a personalized homepage and customized browser will give you a user-friendly Internet experience. There are other perks that include Flickr photo storage, added security by McAfee, SpamGuard that helps eliminate junk email, parental controls and a Pop-up catcher.
  10. Finally, AT&T wants their customers to be satisfied. They offer 24/7 customer support either online via email or real-time chat as well as phone support, so all your questions can be answered when you need them answered.

AT&T works hard to give their customers great products and services. By using their DSL service, you will benefit from all their hard work.

10 Reasons You Might Want to Choose AT&T U-VERSE

If you’re in the market for multimedia service to your home – that is television, phone, internet, or some combination of the three – you may be having a hard time sifting through your options. Take heart. You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. As an aid in choosing between the varied technologies and competitive internet plans, we’ll highlight some features that could make the difference for you. Today, we’ll look at AT&T U-Verse, and ten reasons you might want to make them your choice.

  1. No Contract – When faced with a choice, we’ll take no long term commitment over a 2-year contract any day. Technologies change pretty quickly nowadays, so the benefit of being able to switch services at will can’t be understated.
  2. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – This goes hand-in-hand with #1. It’s a huge advantage to have a full month to test drive all the features in order to sort out the pros and cons that typically don’t arise until after you’ve signed a contract.
  3. Record 4 Shows At Once – We probably don’t have to tell you what a difference this one feature would make. How many times have you had to resort to a coin toss, or miss a program, because you’d already programmed your DVR to record two others? Not anymore.
  4. Best Bang For The Buck – Pound-for-pound, AT&T U-Verse is a bargain compared to cable or satellite. The channel line-up you get with U-Verse is much cheaper than a comparable package from other providers. AT&T bundled plans are a good balance of cost and features.
  5. Quick On The Draw – If you like to channel surf as much as we do, you’ll love the responsiveness of the STB (set top box). No more lags before the channel actually changes.
  6. All STB’s Are HDTV-Ready – That’s right. There’s no need to order a new box when you upgrade from a standard-definition television to an HDTV. You use the same equipment you started with, with no service call necessary.
  7. More Local TV – U-Verse TV lineup includes more local programming than you will get with similar service from cable or satellite. One of the reasons for this is …
  8. IPTV (Internet Protocol) Television – This technology is what allows your bandwidth to be allocated to all of your services, if you’re subscribing to Phone + ‘net + TV. Essentially, your TV channels are only being sent to your STB as you request them. This means that you can receive more channels overall, since they’re not tying up bandwidth all the time.
  9. iPhone App – If you’re subscribed to phone + TV, you can program your TV remotely from your iPhone. Also you can view programming that was saved on your DVR, on your phone.
  10. FTTH/P – As AT&T continues to roll out their U-Verse service, plans are in place to install fiber optics the last mile, or Fiber To The Home/Premise. As they do, look for the capacity and performance of U-Verse to improve even beyond what it currently offers.

10 Interesting Facts About AT&T Customer Service

A major factor when choosing an internet service provider – or any service, really – is customer service. You want to know that a company stands behind its product and is there when you need assistance. Your experience with customer service, whether it be on your initial contact or on a service call long after you’ve bought their service, can be a deal-maker or deal-breaker. To help you sort through your ISP options, we’ll be sharing some facts about their customer service. Today we’ll look at ten interesting facts about AT&T customer service:

  1. Watch Your Language – AT&T customer service representatives are authorized to cancel the account of any customer who “engage(s) in conduct that is threatening, abusive or harassing” or makes “frequent use of profane or vulgar language”. So behave – unless of course you want to get out of that contract.
  2. Support Plus – For an additional fee, AT&T offers a service they call Support Plus: “a fee-based option for customer service and trouble-shooting associated with issues unrelated to the Service (e.g. help setting up your computer or troubleshooting problems with certain operating systems)”.
  3. Pound Away – To speak with a live representative when calling AT&T customer service, you can press the # key repeatedly until you are transferred.
  4. Customer Care – There is a YouTube channel for AT&T Customer Care, where you can watch numerous instructional videos about your AT&T services. AT&T launched the site to “build a collection of videos that can assist you, our customers, in finding support for your wireless, internet, U-verse, advanced TV or home phone products and services with AT&T.”
  5. Ask Charliesm Virtual Expert – You can open a chat session with Charlie to get online assistance with account or technical issues. Additionally, there is the option to chat with a live agent.
  6. Emergency Preparedness – AT&T’s Emergency Assistance page links to emergency information such as planning for emergencies, hurricane tips, finding WiFi hotspots in order to stay in communication.
  7. Bandwidth Usage  – AT&T now has a web page where internet users who are on a data plan can keep track of their bandwidth usage. There is also a handy tool for determining just how much a given amount of bandwidth actually is, in terms of how it can be used.
  8. Installation Help – A separate tutorial is available for customers needing assistance with installation of their high-speed internet. Step-by-step instructions are provided, as well as a list of all equipment necessary to self-install, which is included in the self-installation kit.
  9. AT&T Service and Support Tool – This download will provide you with automated assistance for issues with your DSL internet service. You can troubleshoot your connection without having to call for support.
  10. ACSI – According to a May ’11 press release from the American Customer Satisfaction Index™, customer satisfaction and customer service ratings for AT&T (as well as T-Mobile, with whom they are planning to merge) has declined by 4%, to its lowest rating since 2006.
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