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AT&T DSL Service

AT&T is one of the largest Internet service providers with several great DSL packages. Their 4 packages offer speeds from 768 Kbps to 6 Mbps with prices starting at just $19.95/month.

Verizon DSL Service

Verizon has the largest service area of all the DSL Internet providers. In addition, they offer some slightly faster connections ranging from 768 Kbps to 7 Mbps with prices starting at just $29.99/month.

DSL Internet Service Deals from Qwest

More Info on Qwest
  • DSL Internet Service Deals Starting at Only $14.95/month
  • Internet Speeds up to 7 Mbps
  • This Includes the Network Installation if Needed
  • Additional Discounts are Availabe for Bundling Phone & TV
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10 Reasons You Might Want to Choose Qwest DSL | High Speed Internet

There are so many DSL Internet providers available nationwide, you may have difficulty deciding which company to choose. It just makes sense then, to look at all the options out there before you decide. Qwest has a lot to offer for their DSL service and here are 10 reasons why you might want to choose them.

  1. Qwest offers broadband signal, one of the fastest Internet connections available. Customers have the choice of connection speeds as fast as 5 Mbps for uploads and 40 Mbps for general connection.
  2. The fast Internet speeds are made possible by the use of new fiber optic technology. Qwest is constantly looking for way to make your Internet experiences better.
  3. Speed is not the only consideration when choosing an Internet Service Provider. Qwest also offers a 99.9% network reliability which means fewer interruptions, so your Internet connection is smooth and steady.
  4. With Qwest, you have the convenience of setting up wireless Internet access at home or anywhere around town giving you the option of portability, so your work or Internet play does not have to stop when you leave home.
  5. Optimal pricing with Qwest means that you have five Internet access plans from which to choose. From a slower speed of access for a minimal cost to super fast speeds for a higher cost, there are choices for all budget needs.
  6. Qwest offers a variety of extras with each plan option. Two of the most important extras are warranties and guarantees on all their services. These even go so far as to cover issues with the hard wires that bring the Internet service into your home. You will rest assured that all potential issues will be taken care of by Qwest.
  7. Another added feature that can mean extra security for all your files and photos, anything stored on your home computer, is Qwest’s automatic online back-up feature that allows from two to 50 GB’s of storage, depending on the plan you choose.
  8. All the Internet access features are fine but you will also want to be sure that your PC is working to its maximum capacity. With Qwest, you will also receive a free check up of your PC’s health and a remote PC tune-up that will help maximize reliability and minimize crashes.
  9. You will also be interested in Qwest homepage that offers information how you can customize your Internet the way that works best for you. There is an email service and Power-up Packs that provide premium access to content services.
  10. Finally, Qwest is proud of their online, phone and in-person computer and access support. Qwest is able to answer all your Internet questions and issues any time day or night by checking their FAQ’s, emailing or calling their customer service department.

When deciding which Internet service provider may be right for you, take a good look at Qwest, and you pleased with the quality of service and options they provide.

10 Reasons Qwest DSL is Better than Dial Up Internet

If you’re trying to decide between basic dial-up internet and DSL from Qwest (now CenturyLink), or are considering a switch, we’ve got some information to share just may help you make up your mind.

The following are ten reasons why Qwest/CenturyLink DSL is better than dial-up internet:

  1. Speed – At 1.5 Mbps download speed, even Qwest’s entry level DSL package is up to 50x faster than dial-up. Their upper tier plan brings download speeds up to 40 Mbps.
  2. Price – For the cost of many basic landline phone plans, you can have the 1.5 Mbps tier from Qwest. Their introductory price for that plan is $14.99/month. So basically you can have 50 times more speed for the price of dial tone.
  3. Fiber Optics Network – In place of the copper network of standard POTS, Qwest DSL brings the internet to you over fiber optic cable. That means not only faster speeds but greater capacity for services and features that will connect all of your devices and media.
  4. No Tied-up Phone Lines – Qwest DSL will free up your phone line while you’re online. DSL works independently of your landline, so you don’t need to worry about missed calls or dropping your connection.
  5. Qwest @Ease™ – Included in each internet plan, Qwest @Ease™ consists of Norton™ Online solutions which includes anti-virus and spyware protection software; online backup service for your important data, and warranty coverage. You also have the option to upgrade your software protection as well as the amount of online backup space available, for a small additional charge.
  6. Free WiFi – Qwest also includes free WiFi, powered by AT&T wireless. Now, in addition to high connection speeds at home, you can have internet access at thousands of hotspots for your mobile devices as well. Also available is an optional home wireless network.
  7. No Need for Landline – You don’t need to have a phone, or bundle phone service with your internet, if you don’t want it. Qwest offers DSL only service for those who choose to go it without a landline.
  8. 5-Year Price Lock Promise – Qwest offers a promise to lock in your price for 5 years, with no contract required – beyond the first 12 months. So you don’t need to worry what happens to your plan’s price after you’ve signed the contract, because the price won’t change for 5 years, and there is no contract.
  9. Reliability – Qwest’s DSL has a 99.9% network reliability, as reported to the FCC. Your connection is there when you need it. Their DSL fiber optic network experiences fewer outages than many POTS networks.
  10. Bundles – In addition to high-speed internet, you can choose from a wide selection of service bundles, or create your own, that includes home phone service and/or DirecTV satellite television.

10 Interesting Facts About Qwest Customer Service

Choosing an internet service provider takes some shopping and a little research. Shopping around can tell you who’s got the best deals, but the research part can take some time. So we’re here to help.  Today’s list consists of 10 interesting facts about Qwest (now CenturyLink) customer service.

  1. CenturyLink customer service has an online feature that allows you to order and set up a static IP address for your internet service without the need to call for assistance. A step-by-step tutorial is provided to do it all yourself.
  2. With CenturyLink QuickCare, customers can fix a number of internet issues with just a click of their mouse, without having to contact technical support. Downloading the QuickCare software to your computer equips you to troubleshoot common connection problems by yourself.
  3. Incredible Internet™ is a website that Qwest developed for helping customers learn about using the internet more effectively and more safely. Featured are sections on cyber-bullying, online safety, and identity theft.
  4. Internet Online Community is an online forum where customers can share information regarding internet usage and troubleshooting tips, which can save them a call to technical support.
  5. J.D. Power and Associates ranked Qwest as the number one internet service provider for customer satisfaction in 2007. Qwest customer service is now provided by CenturyLink.
  6. CenturyLink promises that with their merger with Qwest, customer service will be following their local operating model, which is to provide a more local level of service to their customers. As stated on their website: “Customers benefit from CenturyLink’s local operating model, which places decisions about the network, products and offers, and customer service as close to the customer as possible.”
  7. Customers have the option of opening an online chat session with Customer Service for handling many functions such as service orders and changing or upgrading their service. Online Chat can also be used for getting help with any service-related problems.
  8. As can be seen here, part of the CenturyLink/Qwest merger is a commitment to expand broadband services in the 14-state region the company serves – a measure which they hope will improve customer service.
  9. As can be seen here, customer service does indeed seem to be a priority with the merger, with  positions at Qwest/CenturyLink opening up. Training for such positions, according to this posting, can take up to 13 weeks. The job description for a customer service/sales rep can be found here.
  10. In the Customer FAQ section of the Qwest/CenturyLink merger website , CenturyLink makes the following statement about their commitment to customer service: “Our company culture is based on a common set of values we call Unifying Principles. These are: Fairness, Honesty and Integrity, Commitment to Excellence, Positive Attitude, Respect, Faith and Perseverance.”

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